Atomic Bomb Persuasive Speech

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Ladies and gentlemen of the American senate and President Truman. We are gathered in this room to weigh the options that have been brought to the table on how to manage our war with Japan. With the recent completion of the atomic bomb and its readiness for the battlefield apparent, we are here to show that dropping the bomb in a mainly unpopulated part of Japan not only wins this war the second it hits earth, but also ensures the safety of this country far into the future.
This bomb was for the Germans; This bomb was supposed to win us that war with ease. But it can have the same effects if used in this scenario as well, without the mass loss of life it would have insued in Germany. Why send America's sons and daughters into the war path when we can take victory from 2,000 feet in the air. Why must more Americans die when we can fly a plane, open its bomb bay and ensure surrender. We have been warned about the tremendous loss of life that may be encountered if we invade the Japanese mainland and this option leaves American boots at home. When the full might of this weapon is seen by the Japanese, it will wake them to the reality that whether they surrender now or they surrender later, we will beat them. If they …show more content…

They will be struck by fear when they witness the destructive power of this bomb. Not only the Japanese, but the rest of the world included. Any remaining Nazi’s, the Soviet Union, and other domestic powers that would seek to harm us. We have backing by the Secretary of War Mr. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of the Navy number two Mr. Ralph Bard, Physicist James Franck and the commanding general of the Manhattan project himself Leslie R. Groves. And these men are all among others that back this proposal. We lose minimal Japanese lives, risk no American lives, and win the war using the bombs “powerful psychological

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