Atrial Fibrillation Patient: A Case Study

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My father is an atrial fibrillation patient and had a surgery for it in February but a clot was found in his heart before the surgery, so his surgery was being delayed. He was given blood thinners and medications to remove the clot. I was very scared at that time because I was being told that this clot could also cause a brain stroke. My mother had a spinal surgery in 2014 and has problems with mobility. She also gets injections in her eyes due to diabetes. My parents are dependent on me for all their household jobs and their hospital/GP appointments. I tried to manage my family circumstances with studies but I have failed. My dad had a stone in gall bladder and a bag was connected to him for bile drainage. He could not go through his gall …show more content…

He took permission from hospital that I stay with him for all day. My mother is facing breathing problems and is choking frequently during the day. With so much exam stress and health stress of my parents, I went suicidal during these few months. I had a nervous breakdown on 09/05/2016 and went to A&E. I was being told that I am going through depression and anxiety and have low levels of Iron and vitamin D in body. I went to GP on 10/05/2016 to get checked and was prescribed medication. Due to medicine sertraline, I am going through dizziness, anxiety, numbness, abdominal pain, and nausea and muscle pain. I went unconscious twice after being on these medications. My parents are already going through health problems, so I can’t share my problems with them. They cannot handle that my studies are being affected so much. My Academic Advisor has been changed during the year and I find it hard to share anything with the new advisor. I am struggling with suicidal thoughts as I feel I will not be able to take care of my parents and will not be successful in life. I was advised to contact CNWL Talking Therapies Service Brent for help but I find it really hard to share my feelings with anyone. I really hope that I get a last chance to put my life

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