Attempts to Spread Christianity to the Pueblo Indians Essay

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A society in which every denomination and religious following can live together in harmony is something that, if thought about over 100 years ago, would seem like a joke. Baptists, puritans, Anglicans, Lutherans, all came seeking to recreate themselves in a land that was still taking shape. Those that came to this new world, felt a certain disconnect whether it be at home, work, or in many cases religion. America, or this new world, seemed, rather appeared to be the perfect haven for those seeking a new start.
There was an eagerness to spread Christianity to those that hadn’t had a chance to receive this message. Catholic missionaries felt that it was their certain duty to do so, in order to avoid damnation. But not everyone was open …show more content…

2000 pueblo Indians descended on the Spanish, but the priests were their main targets, more than ½ were killed. 10 days after August 10, 1680, the Spanish fled New Mexico. This was a major event, it showed that the Catholic empire had faltered, a sign that European religion would not go unchallenged in the new world.
Up north, Puritans had arrived in the new world were fired by a zeal to create a new religion. This gave them a sense of purpose, specialness. They aimed to create a new Christian community. Back at home; they had been persecuted for calling out the king for failing to cleanse the church of catholic rituals. They had been deemed as radicals for their belief in the protestant reformation. Most of the burden to make their plans come to pass, fell upon the shoulders of John Winthrop, who had committed to the colony in 1629.
After the death of over 200 colonists they viewed this as a sign that they weren’t doing enough good or weren’t praying enough. Laws governing behavior were strictly enforced, and if you opposed it, you were at risk for banishment. Their aim was a single pure orthodox environment in which everyone conformed to the true religion. The puritan experiment started with giving authority back to the individual, but its also dangerous in which how could you set up a society in which everyone is reading the key doctrine. If everyone can read it for himself or herself, how can you hold everyone together, if they start to

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