Attending An Online Youtube Symphony Orchestra Concert

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Concert Report On Friday, July 10th, I chose virtually to attend an online YouTube Symphony Orchestra Concert-2011. Many beautiful pieces were performed by a magnificent orchestra that included more than sixty participants and consisted of instruments such as: flutes, oboes, horn, clarinets, bassoons, trumpets, percussions and strings. Concert’s selections varied in length, temperament, mood and dynamics. Orchestra Symphony gave an overpowering, extraordinary presentation and delivery. The first and opening piece was a Roman Carnival Overture, Op. 9, by Hector Berlioz. In major tonality, classical piece started with vivace statement, and then slow introduction progressed later in allegro. It featured an independent solo that was performed with an English horn and gradually changed dynamics throughout the classical movement. The second piece that is discussed is Toccata in F major, by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a solo piece that was performed in a unison and dissonant harmony. Surreal coordination and impressive pedal solo was extremely impressive and gave this particular piece a broad spectrum of dynamic change and tempo. Ascending and descending theme constantly repeated throughout this performance, alternating in crescendo and decrescendo, which brought life and movement to a classical piece. The third piece, “Danza del trigo” and “Danza final” from the ballet Estancia, by Alberto Ginastera created quite a few pictures in imagination. What started as a soft and

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