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Achievements Augustus

The power of Rome for many centuries was held by the senate, which is a group of men of the wealthiest families in Rome. They made all the political and military decisions for Rome. Under the Senate the romans conquered many lands such as the entire Italian peninsula, southern france, Spain, and northern Africa. After the conquering of many of these lands the armies became independent and created civil wars in the land. Much of the Roman empire was corrupt and falling apart. Three generals Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar formed an alliance, they kept the senate but left it with little power and say. The senate was worried about Julius Caesar he was power hungry and very
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He preserved all of the traditional offices while slowly taking many of the offices for him self. He was both consul and tribune. Commander and chief of the military and the senate also gave him direct control of many provinces, these provinces supplied men for his armies and food for them also, not to the senate. Augustus knew the importance of religion in roman society, he then named himself pontifex maximus which means supreme priest. He encourages the construction of temples dedicated to Rome and Augustus. None of these innovations in his ruling method altered the Roman constitution. The laws he did change however were the laws of the provinces of Rome which made them more romanized, so Augustus could be open about his actions so the senate would not bring him down and be with him. The Romans had a strong sense of there traditions and were fascinated by there history they loved when they could point out how the gods operated in there empire and allowed them much conquest of the western world. Before Augustus it looked for the romans as if the gods had left them, for they killed each other in revolutions and civil wars. Augustus’s many military victories and expansion of the empire through land and a political sense, show that the gods where on his side. He glorified Rome by hiring painters, sculptures, architects, and painters to design and build beautiful structures. He has paved the way for future Roman emperors to come. Emperor

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