Auream Regulam Research Paper

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The hospitable town of Auream Regulam was fabled for their obligation to obliterate ornery nitwits that mistreated others. Its human denizens were actually experienced farmers that cultivated numerous crops: pumpkin, asparagus, cauliflower, peanuts, beans, almonds, spinach, broccoli, quinoa, and all that you could name, they grew. Simple bushes bloomed berries of all sorts, every tree blossomed branches full of fruit, and even the beauteous flowering stalks grew great harvests at their roots. Their culinary arts were legendary from the sheer amount of material at their fingertips; their hearty health was unfathomable despite their vegetarian practices; their medical prowess put any competitive great nation and prideful empire to shame; their intellectuals flourished without reserve; their warfare allowed them to display intrinsic titanous powers that only they possessed.…show more content…
Additionally, those of Auream Regulam regulated their population accordingly so that the borders of their territories could be guarded, with a surplus of ten regiments of a hundred reinforcements, disregarding the fact that there existed the godly existences which already have traversed the globe in search for the best in the world. Fully knowledgable that their Golden Age of Might was nearing its end and their prosperity would eventually lose out to the corrosion of time, the best of the best constructed labyrinths, tombs, and many other structures and artwork of utmost perfection. The sheer ingenious of the permanence and majesty of their constructs humbled the most arrogant of braggarts. Stagnation was encroaching, but at least some historical evidence would reside forever in the ever-changing world of
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