Australia 's Involvement For The Australian War

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During the Second World War over a seven month period between July 1942 and January 1943, the events of the Kokoda Trail Campaign and the Battle of the Beachheads took place on what was once the Australian territories of Papua and New Guinea. Good morning, I am Lee Varnes, and I am representing the Australian War Memorial to inform you of the significance of Australia’s involvement in the Papua Campaign. I will be discussing the reasons behind Japan’s invasion of Papua, the course of the campaign, the outcome of the campaign and the significance it had on the Australian people and the soldiers involved.

Port Moresby was an extremely important tactical position for both allied forces and the Japanese; as it would allow Japan to fulfil “Operation FS” and allow allied forces to attack north over the Kokoda trail towards the Japanese base at Rabaul (Austrialian Goverment: Department of Veterans ' Affairs, 2015). Through the completion of Operation FS, the Japanese would be able to “throttle Australia into submission by cutting off communication and supply lines with the US”, they planned to do so through the gradual extension of Japanese control over the islands in the South-East Pacific around continental Australia (Pacific War Historical Society, n.d.). Japanese Prime Minister, Tojo Hideki, was opposed to the direct amphibious invasion of Australia, though with Port Moresby under Japanese control it would allow them to terrorise Australia’s eastern coast as Japanese medium

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