Australian Aborigines And Their Crisis

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Madison Lafitte
Karol Chandler-Ezell
Cultural Anthropology 231.001
Australian Aborigines and their Crisis
Australia’s Aborigines are often hailed as the world’s longest surviving culture, easily dating back 60,000 years, existing long before many ancient societies such as the Greeks and Romans. Since they are such an old culture many people wonder how they were able to remain in existence for so long while of culture perished around them. The answer can be found in their adaptive nature; having such a close bound with the land around them, taught the aboriginals the importance of change and adapting ( While it might be debatable that Australia’s natives are the longest surviving culture, there is no doubt that the Aborigines’ animistic religion is the oldest existing. Their religion is ripe with multiple different gods, often represented in the forms of animals or notable landscape features. There is no one central god, instead many deities were spread across the continent of Australia, each spirit fulfilling their role in the world. Creation beings were involved in the creation of the world, ancestral beings taught humans how to hunt and make weapons, totemic beings were the original form of animals. Being a culture that places high emphasize on their religion, many of the “dot art,” a form of painting or drawing that involves creating hundreds of small dots to create the overall picture, is often found in caves or the sides of rocks, the some…
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