Authoritative Parenting Essay

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Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to socialize their children to conform adequately to the expected standards of conduct to function successfully in their society is the option that is decided by each parent. Since there are different ways of parenting a child, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child’s behavior is sufficient to live in society let alone act compliant in it as well. It is interesting to observe the different methods that a variety of parents demonstrate in order to make sure that the children of that society will be considered ‘acceptable’ by the environment itself and of course by the parenting
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Literature Review
All parenting styles associate with the area of a child’s social skills, educational capability, psychosocial growth, and also the negative actions of a child. Parenting is extremely important in a child’s life in order to have a happy and successful life without dealing with unnecessary negative issues that can arise. This portion of the proposal describes literature relevant to the proposed study of this topic. It is organized into four sections: (1) the two aspects on how the parenting styles were based, (2) the four main types of parenting styles, (3) the effects that can result from the parenting styles, and (4) evaluation for results of previous research. The detail of effects on a child’s behavior will be further discussed in the methods section of the proposed study.
Two Aspects of Parenting Styles
The styles that Dr. Baumrind recognized were based on two aspects of parenting; parental responsiveness and parental expectation (demandingness). The aspects are determined by the parent’s characteristics on the actions towards the children. Too much or too little of either aspect of parenting can conflict with the child’s learning and behavior. A single selection of the four parenting styles is approached after determining the degree of each of the two aspects. Although there is not a perfect match for any parent, most will tend to push towards a
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