Autism Is A Psychological Disorder Essay

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According to the Foundation of Therapeutic Recreation textbook (Robertson, long ,2008 p.284) “autism is a neurological disorder that effect a person ability to communicate, to understand language, to play and to relate to others. A diagnose of autism is given when a person exhibits 6 or more of 12 symptoms listed across three major areas social interaction, communication, and behavior.” These symptoms can start as early as childhood. The Prevalence is 2% of the population and is it is more common in boys than girls. Also, there is no known cause for autism but has to have a genetic link that can be inheritable. Autism is a higher risk among children as the age of parents increases. Also, autism can limit emotional, social, and physical in daily functioning.
Due to social limitation children with autism find it hard to make friends and usually limit their physical contact with adults. They find it difficult to communicated or engage in a social interaction. They are also self-focused and doesn’t show much interested in social interaction. It impacts their behavior as well such as they might get extremely upset when there change. They might be involved in self-injury behavior such as spinning around in circles or biting their hands. They are interested in facts rather than people which can interfere with social relationships. The characteristic of this disorder is problems in social interaction, restricted impaired verbal, nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors.

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