Avalanches Come in the Winter

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Avalanches Avalanches are a common occurrence during the winter and spring months in mountainous regions throughout the world. Through the course of this paper I will discuss two aspects of avalanches that have been studied in significant detail in the recent past. The first aspect of Avalanches that is going to be discussed is the impact of avalanches on geologic formations and biodiversity. Areas that experience avalanches have some specific characteristics that can be attributed to the impact of avalanches, and through these geologic form, information can be gathered about past avalanches. The second aspect is the prediction of avalanches. As people have moved closer to avalanche prone areas and make use of the same for recreation, the importance of forecasting avalanches has become more important. There are a few of different types of avalanches and they are all capable of causing significant damage and change to infrastructure, environment and individuals. The first type of avalanche is referred to as a powder or loose snow avalanche. A powder avalanche generally starts rather small, only a portion of the very recent snow on the surface releases, but as it moves down the slope it accumulates more and more snow. According to the Natural Disasters Association (NDA) website, powder avalanches are caused by a lack of weight in recent snow to create a strong bond between it and older, settled snow. The NDA states that these types of avalanches move at speeds

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