Awake Duncan's 'An Excerpt From Macbeth'

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(Screeching) Hark! Ravens don’t bother an owl’s nest! Get out, get out! Your talons are too small to scathe my perfectly preened feathers. Stop darkening my mind and heart you horrible devil’s messengers. (Flings her fist around her crazily, batting at non-existent ravens flapping around her. She begins speaking in a frustrated voice) That horrendous murderer, he seeks something more than power, he is greedy yet he only deserves death. A death so horrible it awakens those mortally wounded by his blade. (Picks up dagger used to kill the king and his two guards) He shall die tonight! Awake Duncan and his guards; give me the strength of a vengeful man. (Looking to ceiling as if talking to spirits) Bring back my strength, spirits, rid me of this
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