Awareness Of White Privilege : Racism Toward Black Americans

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Awareness of White Privilege Effects Racism Toward Black Americans Ongoing research efforts continue to focus on the cognitive processes involved in the perpetuation of intergroup biases as well as techniques that can be used to reduce racial prejudice (Stewart, Latu, Branscombe, Phillips & Denney, 2012). Descriptive studies (Neville, Lilly, Lee, Duran & Browne, 2000) and experimental investigations (Branscombe, Schmitt & Schiffhaurer, 2006) have found a significant relationship between the awareness of white privilege and the reduction of negative racial attitudes. In this research, I aim to extend the quantitative recorded results of these suggested findings and examine the role other interactive variables may have on the results. …show more content…

Previous work ( Khan & Lambert, 2001) into racism show the role situational context and personality factors have on predicting perceptions of race. Results found that need for cognition significantly affected the racial attitudes expressed by white Americans toward black Americans. Need for cognition refers to the tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive activities. Therefore, I predict higher levels of need for cognition will detect awareness of white privilege which in turn will produce lower levels of negative racial attitudes. In the present study, I examine if there is a correlation between awareness of white privilege and racism toward black Americans. Moreover, investigating the effects white empathy and need for cognition have on determining the strength of the relationship.
Participants Data was collected using the American National Election Studies 2016 Pilot Study, a longitudinal analysis election survey, asking eligible U.S. voters (M age = 48.1, SD = 17.0, 570 men, 625 women) (ANES, 2016) about their views on race. The study included _% of participants who identified themselves as white and _% who identified themselves as black. All participants were recruited through posting a link to an online survey using the website YouGov. Funded by The National Science Foundation, designed by ANES Principal Investigators, the cross-sectional study provides quantitative data that can be both displayed and

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