Azalea and Friends Essay

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Today was going to be a superb day. Azalea had invited all her friends to her house. She had found a key in her backyard, yesterday and didn’t know what to do with it. Ding, Dong, Ding, the bell rang it was Max, at the door Azalea’s best friend in the whole world. “Hi, Azalea” Max cried. “Hey, Azalea” replied. “I want to show you something I found. Let’s wait for the others.” Before Azalea and Max knew it, everyone was there. First to arrive was Taylor, followed by Madeline, lastly with a tie, the twins Brad and Chad. “I’m so happy everyone could make it,” Azalea squealed. Now follow me to the playroom. Azalea’s house was humongous. There were fancy sculptures and pictures everywhere. It took the kids forever to reach the playroom. …show more content…

Does it fit his collar?” Max suggested.
“Good one, Max,” Azalea exclaimed!
“Biscuit!” Azalea called. “Come here.”
Like a good dog, Biscuit answered Azalea’s call. Azalea checked Biscuit’s sparkly collar, but to no luck the key didn’t fit. “Well obviously it fits a tree.” Brad snorted. “You must be kidding,” Azalea said. “No he’s not” Chad retorted. “The key is shaped like a tree, so it must obviously fit inside of a tree.” “I think you guys are on to something,” Azalea expressed. “Everyone lets head to the backyard.”
The outside of Azalea’s house was just as nice as the inside. She had a miniature garden and a spiffy, wooden patio. Tall, old, oak trees were all around Azalea’s house; they swayed in a mysterious rhythm. “Now what tree could it be?” Madeline, asked the group. “Let’s try the massive one at the top of the hill.” Azalea, proclaimed. It was a hike, but the kids reached the top of the hill. When they reached the massive oak tree Azalea noticed a door. The door had a keyhole. “Put the key, Put the key,” Brad yelled! “Don’t rush me.” Are you guys sure of this? Azalea asked her friends. “I mean this could be risky.”
Everyone just stood there and looked at each other for a second. “We’re sure,” piped Max. “Just like Peanut Butter and Jelly, we’ll all stick together.” “Ok, you guys here goes nothing.” Azalea placed the key inside the keyhole, and one by one, from Azalea to Chad, they entered the door. It was pitch-black now. “Wow,

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