The Murder Of The Van

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“ Stop right there you filthy thief!” yelled the law officers while chasing after the four delinquents.
“Hurry up you idiots! Unless you wanna get caught, I’d say you hurry yo butts up and run!” yelled Allison.
“ Chill Ali, we aren’t getting caught,” Daniel responded.
“ Look at them officers trying to catch up to us, slower that a turtle,” added Ryan.
“ Oh my lord, can you two just shut up and listen to Allison, and get into the van. By this rate they will catch up to us if you don’t stop lagging behind,” Elien yelled.
The four of thieves reached the van while Ryan and Daniel put everything in the back, Allison and Elien started the engine. The van they had was a really nice van, it was brand new in a nice glossy white. It 's probably
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It was dark out now by the time they finish making dinner. Ryan and Daniel helped them bring the food onto the roof where their dining table is at.
The top of the roof, where they would eat, was decorated beautifully with flowers, candles, and lights.The dining table ivory draping with flowers and candles. Above it, it has a nice fairy light hanging from tall white columns. It was a warm spring night in Los Angeles. The sky was full of blinking stars. If you look down from the roof, it is full of beautiful city lights. When they were done with their dinner they all went to sleep.
The next day they woke up and got breakfast ready. When they were eating they discussed where whose house they should break into next. “Let’s break into a house in Beverly Hills today,” suggested Elien.
“ That’s gonna be hard to break into a place in Beverly Hill, but it 's not impossible. It’s also a really good place to rob. We possibly end up with a lot of valuable items that we can later sell for money,” responded Ryan.
“So it been decided we’re going to Beverly Hills,” declared Allison.
They all went to prepare for their next break in, but suddenly there was a really loud thump at their front door. “BANG!” Their front door gets kicked down and the FBI comes in. “Put your hands where I can see them!” an officer shouted.
“What is this! This is absurd why are you in our home and do u even have a search warrant?” Allison was furious and terrified at the same time. “How could they have
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