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BIOL 1209
Writing Assignment 1
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General Research Question:

How does the change in the alleles affect the pigment in the alligators; which also affects the fitness of the animal?
Animals fight for survival daily, and sometimes their lives depend on their ability to adapt with their surrounding environments. Natural Selection is the process in which individuals have certain traits that allow …show more content…

The results of the allele frequency changes in the five different trials are all in close range of one another. The trials 1 and 5 being the same at .85 and were the highest, trial 4 was the lowest at .70, and the two middle results were trial 2 at .75 and trial 3 at .80. In a population size of 1000, the difference in the green and albino alligator’s pigments will inevitably affect the fitness. The green alligator is the dominant big “A” allele, while the

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