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Baby cuddler! My heart fluttered! After orientation, 40 hours of volunteering, and a letter of recommendation from an employee, I can become a baby cuddler at the University of Chicago Comer’s Children Hospital. My job would be to give comfort and support to the tiny humans during their development at the hospital. I never knew that baby cuddler existed in the realm of hospital volunteering, and I have been volunteering at my local hospital for over four years. This exhilarating new experience will not only give me exposure on a different perspective in the field of medicine, but educate me on the pathway in becoming a physician.
I am an enthusiast aspiring to be a doctor, and to find a school where my dreams can become my reality, and that …show more content…

I believe community service is a major component in education. In a classroom, one digest the facts and is ordered to regurgitate the information. However, volunteering shapes the heart and soul and one remembers it for life. I have been volunteering at my local hospital for four years and have been highly active in my school’s service organizations such as Key Club. I want to attend a university that has the same principles as I. University Community Service Center, Active Mind, Positive Sentiment, the Giving Tree, Safe Space, and Student Against Aids focuses on numerous of diverse aspects of the society that the public fears to discuss even though it is a problem that we have to face. The idea of continuing to serve in a different community and while making an impact in the people’s lives is …show more content…

Even though they may only see me as someone who is there to support them, they influence me to better myself just as much. When I am volunteering at my local hospital’s emergency department, many patients thank me for my kindness, comfort, and dedication for volunteering. Both the patients and the nurses appreciate what I do for them. However, they never had realized that it was their words of encouragement inspired me to continue to pursue my dream career. They ignited my passion to become a doctor.
My devotion to bubble tea is just as tenacious as to the endeavours of the pathway in becoming a doctor. I moved to Twin Falls, Idaho when I was around two years old from New York for my parents’ new restaurant. Often, my family and I would go back and visit, but that was the only times where I would get authentic bubble tea. I prefer to only go to name brand stores such as, Kung Fu Tea, Chatime, Quickly, Coco, and Vivi Bubble Tea because from past experience from dreadful milk tea. UChicago is the place where I can be away from my family and still feel at home surrounded by my

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