Skyline College Application Essay

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After my first year at Skyline College, I ventured out to find ways I can volunteer in my community, in hopes to find interest in a field I would like to study one day. When I first started volunteering at Mills Peninsula Hospital, I thought it would be like those medical drama shows such as House, or Grey's Anatomy. Where I would meet the real life versions of Dr. House and Meredith Grey and get to be shadowed by them and learn the ins and outs of hospital and the secrets of medicine. However, when I first stepped into Mills Peninsula, I knew meeting Dr. House and Meredith Grey were very unlikely. Right when I entered the hospital I see the rushes of turquoise colored scrubs passing by me, hearing the clanks of the walking sticks from the elderly, and often times the squeaks from the wheels of the wheelchair. Yet, through these passing moments, there was always that lingering of emotions evoked in the air; moments passing between a mother and her newborn baby, the anxious faces of families pacing back and forth, and the…show more content…
I have made many good friends, studied with some wonderful professors, had wonderful opportunities for volunteering in the community during my time spent at Skyline. However, I do have one non-academic reason for being interested in Seattle University. I originally applied to Skyline because it was comfortable. Only an hour away from San Francisco, where I explored the city numerous times. Skyline just felt like home. However, I am now looking forward to pushing myself to experience places that aren't so familiar. I believe that Seattle University is great fit for me to pursue my goals. It embraces tradition of developing the whole person and focus on the connections between the practical, academic, spiritual, and humane needs of people. I hope to one day be able to work with patients in different age groups and ethnicities to provide care and comfort with values the that Seattle University
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