Babylon As A Great Civilization

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Babylon was a great civilization which at one time could have ruled the world. The name Babylon means “Gate of God”. Babylon was located in an ancient region surrounded by the Tigris and Euphrates River. This great civilization first initiated around 3500 BC and began to crumble after the year 323 BC. The Babylon culture was successful because of the advanced citizens, cultural cities, their technology, and legal systems. Babylon was home to 10,000 to 40,000 Babylonians. This paper will talk about Babylon’s culture, Babylon’s everyday lifestyle, Babylon’s clothing, Hammurabi, the code of Hammurabi, Babylon’s religion and Babylon’s education.
Like many other cultures, the Babylonians too were very elaborate on their wedding ceremonies. Marriage signifies the union between the bride and groom is watched over by tons of people. The ceremony conducted then is almost the same as it is conducted today however, the huge difference is the gift giving during the ceremony. The gifts given by guest during the old Babylonian wedding ceremonies range from flour to jewellery. Based upon the gifts given, it can show the occupation of the gift giver, either a merchant, a goldsmith or a farmer. The amount given by the gift giver is usually recorded for future purpose to either repay the gift given during a wedding ceremony of his son or daughter or to simply identify who was the gift giver of that certain gift.
Another interesting finding about Babylon is how their everyday life is divided…
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