Background And Context. In Clinical Practice, Honey Dressings

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Background and Context
In clinical practice, honey dressings are often used for the management of chronic wounds. National Institute for Clinical Excellence [NICE], (2016) provides a summary of evidence to suggest that there is little good quality evidence to suggest that honey, among other advanced antimicrobial dressings, is the best option for chronic wound management despite its frequent usage.
Antimicrobial resistance is a growing, global problem (World health organisation [WHO], 2016) that has resulted in action from the Department of Health [DH], (2013). in the form of a five year Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Strategy. The AMR strategy running 2013-2018 aims to build international alliances with governments and partners across …show more content…


Qatar To determine the efficacy, cost effectiveness and acceptability of natural honey on the healing of chronic foot ulcers at primary care level. Case series
The wound site of patients with chronic foot ulcers were rinsed with normal saline, natural honey was applied to the wound and covered with glycerin- impregnated gauze. Patients were followed on a daily basis for four weeks.
Sample size = 12 All ulcers healed with no contractures or scars on average of three weeks. The dressing budget reduced by 75%, satisfaction was high among patients and pain was significantly reduced. Honey had antimicrobial effect and eliminated malodour. Among patients and clinicians, the honey proved to be cost effective and efficacious.

Cooper, Jenkins & Hooper. (2014).


To investigate the susceptibility of biofilms of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA) to Medihoney in vitro. In Vitro study
Biofilms were cultivated in micro titre plates with and without different concentrations of Medihoney and the effects on the biofilms were monitored. Manuka honey is effective against certain biofilms but its effect on polymicrobial biofilms requires further research. Low sugar concentrations support microbial growth therefore it was found that high

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