Bad Words. My Son Welcomed Me With The Biggest Smile.I

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Bad Words My son welcomed me with the biggest smile. I smiled back and said, “Hey baby how was school?’ He just continued to smile and gave me the warmest hug I have ever received. We get home and my son proceeded to indulge in his obsession, which is an enormous collection of Thomas the Train track master sets. I opened his daily reflections chart from school and I see that there is a note stating he said “bad words” on two occasions. “BAD WORDS?! I think to myself are my eyes deceiving me? Surely my sweet little boy whom has a diagnosis of autism and is considered non-verbal, was not saying bad words. I bitterly thought to myself “there must be some sort of misunderstanding.” I immediately emailed the teacher to get clarification on…show more content…
Imagine someone being told that they could not sit and eat lunch in a space with a group of people because they did not speak the same language. Think about how it would affect a person who was not defined by society as “normal”. Stereotyped with a bunch other other people who have the same diagnosis, but whom all communicate, learn, and interact with their environment and others around them differently. It is very isolating and individuals with autism can grow up feeling worthless and even more disconnected from society than they already feel. Autism awareness is simply not enough we need more understanding and acceptance.
To be a voice for someone who does not have one has changed my life in many ways. Before my son was diagnosed I would see parents in the supermarket with children wailing on the floor, at the time I assumed they just had terrible children and that the parents must be doing something wrong. Over time I realized that was me and it truly understood how far a little bit of compassion could have helped the situation. It has been a long and hard journey but it is one experience that I would not change for the world. It has taught me patience. I must practice this daily we repeat everything over and over multiple times throughout the day. Everything has to be perfectly aligned from his very precise point of
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