Bahamas Field Trip

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As we were walking through the village, in which people have lived their entire lives, I began to realize that life here is not what it seems. When people think about the Bahamas, they imagine beautiful resorts next to beautiful beaches. I believed the same misconception until I arrived. The shacks around me were half built and their residents were standing out front selling excellent goods. A countless amount of these people had remarkable skills, nevertheless, they still lived comparatively to the impoverished in the United States. Every other year, my school offers the students an opportunity to embark on a marine biology trip. The trip consists of a one-week stay at Forfar Field Station in the Bahamas. The field station is located on Andros Island, the largest but least developed island in the Bahamas. Forfar Field Station consists of eight cabins, a director’s cabin, a staff cabin, and the lodge. The cabins have seven to eight beds with one restroom. The director’s cabin is where the director of the field station stays, and the staff cabin is where the staff stays. The lodge is a place for numerous activities. It consists of a kitchen, dining area, game room, and a classroom. When I awake in my cabin in the mornings, I was…show more content…
Instead of staying in the secluded town I have always lived, I went on a trip, through a school function, that took me outside of the country I have never left before. I truly believe it was the first time I actually experienced another culture. Also, sleeping in cabins with people I did not know was a new experience but it was enjoyable. I feel as if I have transitioned into an adult through this trip. I acquired the skills on how to meet and live with new people quickly, and how to live on my own without being dependent on my parents. Also, I feel that I have seen more of the world and can understand others’ thoughts and beliefs. Now I have attained the necessary components to be an
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