Baking Soda Vs Citric Acid Essay

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In 8th grade there were 20 scientists who was trying to figure out the mysterious mixture of chemicals. At first there were nine chemicals total. Now they have narrowed it from nine to 2. All 8th graders think it has baking soda in it. Half of the class is in disagreement with the other 1/2 . Half of the class thought it was Baking soda, and Citric Acid. The other half thought it was Baking soda and Vitamin C. The data going to be presented with help you understand why half of the class thinks it baking soda and citric acid, and why they don’t think it’s baking soda and citric acid. Looking at the physical property of Baking soda. The baking soda has a white powder with crystals. Since the powder is thick it covers up most of the crystals. The baking soda stuck to the sides of the vile. When you tipped the vile it made a thud sound when it it the lid or the bottom of the vile. Baking soda has a rough texture on …show more content…

The citric acid crystal is covered by the powdery substance the baking soda has. When you combine the baking soda and citric acid together the scientist could see some crystal’s in it. Together these chemicals do not leave residue. Also these two chemicals timed one minute and four seconds. The color is important because even if it’s old or expired the color stayed white, unlike the vitamin c. The other half of the scientist think it has vitamin c because it has the same crystally effect but, the crystals are too big. When looking at the physical properties of vitamin c it looks like a bigger version of citric acid. Another physical property is the color. All the chemicals were white and had a crystally effect to them. Over time though, vitamin c turned yellow. When you had vitamin c and baking soda in the vile together next to baking soda and citric acid, the vile with vitamin c has bigger crystal’s in the mixture and baking soda and citric acid has small powdery

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