Balanced Scorecard Analysis Of Hyundai

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Balanced Scorecard Analysis of Hyundai and Honda
Two of the major players in the global automobile industry are Honda and Hyundai (also known as Hyundai Motor Group). These business organizations have global scope of operations, and they have maintained considerable growth and expansion in recent years despite the slowdown of the Western economies. The positions of Honda and Hyundai emphasized the capabilities of these firms to maintain a positive and profitable strategic outlook, especially in terms of their operations in various regional markets other than the United States. While the American automobile market has encountered major obstacles associated with the 2008 financial recession, these companies have maintained considerable
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The information collected from their worldwide operations is used for the identification of these opportunities. The resulting identified opportunities are then translated into product design and other related activities in the R&D department. In addition, management measurements/metrics used, the company uses a wide variety of metrics, including metrics pertaining to the operational efficiency of manufacturing plants, as well as metrics related marketing and sales activities in the target markets. Metrics are also used for the purpose of evaluating organizational performance based on the productivity levels of individual employees. These are just some of the major metrics used in the company (Honda, 2013a). From the internal process perspective, and the learning and growth perspective, it is possible to analyze the situation of Honda in terms of management practices used. For example, the company's internal process perspective emphasizes the need for a considerably high level of process efficiency, noting that the companies actually facing considerable challenges. These challenges are emphasized in the financial perspective of a balanced scorecard for this business organization, in relation to the deadline of the US market and European market for automobile products. On the other hand, in the learning and

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