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Table of Contents Introduction page 3 Objectives, Scope of Work, Budget page 3 Diagram 1. Work Breakdown Structure page 6 Life Cycle, Time Plan page 7 Risks Identification and Responses page 9 Monitor and Control page 10 Key Achievements and Conclusions page 11 References page 13 Introduction In 1996 the city of Cleveland began a $750 million Plant Enhancement Program. The program’s goal was to renovate and modernize the city’s four water treatment facilities, which are among the 10 largest in the US, and were built in 1856; over 500 million gallons of water are pumped to Cleveland residents daily. In the following paper I attempt to provide with an overview of the Baldwin …show more content…

In addition to the WBS and in order to calculate roughly the PEP’s costs, the PMC will be using approximate estimate. The PEP’s cost is estimated by analogy to the Morgan Water Plant Rehabilitation program, in Cleveland, OH, which has a similar scope of work and capacity (Shook Construction 2013) (Kerzner 2013, pg. 680). The total cost for the Morgan Water Plant Rehabilitation program was $26 million; the Baldwin Water Works Plan Enhancement Program is 15 percent more difficult, taking under consideration the delicate work necessary for the renovation of the historical administration building. These result in an estimated cost of $30 million for the completion of our PEP (Kezner 2013, pg. 680) ( Finally, the PMC identifies two types of budgets: distributed budget is defined by the man-hours an required for the achievement of the tasks and subtasks established in the WBS, and the essential materials and equipment needed (i.e. 2,500 tons of 20” by 48” ductile iron piping, 48” electrically activated valves, PLC-Based control instruments, filter medias, slate shingles, crane, drillers, concrete, iron gunnels, masonry, exterior windows); management reserve of $3 million used in case of escalations in construction workers salaries, unforeseen delays resulting during

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