Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress Analysis

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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, by Dai Sijie, is a story about two teenagers fighting for their opportunity of education. In communist China, re-education is an issue dealt with by the youth of the nation. Two teenagers, an unnamed narrator and Luo, attempt to leave their village and take back their freedom and opportunity from the government. Along their way, they enlist the help of a little mountain seamstress, whom both boys immediately fall head over heels for, while Luo claims she is too uncivilized for him. As the story unfolds, the relationship between the characters grows, as they attempt to fight their re-education. The narrator tries very hard to win over the heart of the seamstress, to no avail. Later in the story, as Luo was out of town, the narrator saw his opportunity to swipe in and steal her heart.

The opening segment of the passage, the narrator is trying to actually hold up his promise to Luo, while trying to fight his feelings away. As the passage begins, the narrator explains that Luo is out of town. Starting the passage with that makes the narrator’s intentions and feelings for the seamstress clear. As readers, we already know that the narrator has feelings for the seamstress, and we don't even really need the narrator to tell us his intentions before the paragraph starts. He then tells us that Luo had trusted him to protect the seamstress while he was gone, and the narrator is quoted by saying “how blindly Luo trusted me!” with great

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