Ban of Plastic Bag

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The explosion of technology, though makes our lives smooth and comfortable, also bring with it certain disasters. The disaster is made by the users of the technology-the human beings. It is our behavior which affects the environment. It may be global warming, depletion of natural resources, seasonal uncertainties, or serious health problems, we are responsible in some or the other way to make it happen. Here comes the question, how informed, sensible and responsible we are as consumers? We are least bothered about our behavior, causing more harm to our planet. Unless we engage ourselves in ecologically oriented or pro-environmental behavior, we are on the way to perish. The protection of the physical environment requires a
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Plastic bags have advantages and disadvantages when compared to alternatives such as paper bags,cloth/jute bags and cardboard boxes. The durability, strength, low cost, water and chemicals resistance, welding properties, lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture, fewer atmosphere emmisions and light weight are advantages of plastic bags. Plastic polymers including poly bags, bottles, foam cups, pipes, toys, TV and PC cases and more, account for about 20 percent (by volume) of landfill space. However, non-biodegradable bags fill landfill sites and make for long-lasting litter, which in particular is dangerous to wildlife away from centers of human population, due mostly to virgin resin cheap price when compared to other flexible packagings and this low price tend to be under-enthusiastic to recyclers.

Plastic Waste Management in India
Plastic goods after completion of their useful life find their way into waste. The phenomenal growth of plastics and their consumption in terms of products of short and intermediate life span have resulted in significant generation of waste.
Separation of waste at home has been met with an enthusiastic response. Rolf Annenberg, former Director General of the Swedish

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