Band of Brothers Analysis and Summary Essay

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There are few companies in the 101st Airborne that achieved the status the men of Easy Company would gain during their career in World War II. From the making of formation of the company at Camp Toccoa, in Georgia, the men of Easy Company were destined to impact the course of the war. They became legends in American military history with their acts of bravery and heroics they showed in the face of the German army. From Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, their fame grew with each great mission they accomplished. The generations that would follow respected the uniform they wore, and the company’s comradeship grew deeper than a normal soldier’s companionship would in a war with his fellow- man. Throughout the book, Stephen Ambrose, pointed …show more content…

“We went to the top of Currahee and back with a couple of ambulances following, and men vomiting spaghetti everywhere along the way”. These were the words of Easy Company member Sargent Tripper and the brutal training by Sobel which that took place on that day. Another case that proved Ambrose's argument the Easy Company was the best company in the Airborne's was Sobel's determination to see them as the best company; demonstrated by some of the drills and inspections he would do with the men. Ambrose stated there were many times before and after a run, Sobel would instruct the company to dump all the water from their canteens. This was to build the company's endurance to prepare them for fighting. To teach the men of the company self-discipline when inspecting the troops in the company Sobel would inspect with detail. If the smallest article of clothing was out-of-place or wrinkled, he would deny the troops a weekend pass. However, while doing this Sobel was only preparing the men to become the best fighting force to take on the tyranny of the Nazis in Europe. Another argument in Stephen Ambrose's Band of Brothers was the assignment of the hardest and toughest missions in the European Theater in World War II for the men of Easy Company. “The stress in training was followed by the stress in Normandy by drawing the key combat mission for gaining control of Utah Beach. In combat your next reward for a good job done is that you get in the

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