Bank Fraud

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Strain Theory on White collar crime: Counterfeit University of Oklahoma April 14, 2014 White collar crime is a defined as a crime committed by an individual of high spcial ranking, that receives alot of repsect in the comunity, the term coined by socialogist Sutherland. Over the years this descriptio of white collar crime has been contested and now covers a range of crimes. One in particular is counterfeit. This can happen a number of ways, one that is becoming more common is counterfeit money scams and committing fraud towards a financial institution. One of the most recent cases of counterfeiting is the the ring of five men that circulated six million…show more content…
People’s behaviors and interests are formed into what is expected of them in society as they grow older. The subculture the individual is apart of and social institutions that individual participates in is what shapes their behavior and expectations they need to meet. Merton furthers his theory by creating five different types of deviances. They are as follows: conformists, ritualists, innovators, retreatists, and rebels ( Lista, 2009). These groups vary in whether they have the ability to achieve the goals expected of them in society (means) and the various goals that sociatal institutions have bestowed upon them ( goals). Conformists are the group of individuals that have the oppertunities or means to achieve the goals that society has given them ( Lista, 2009). These are the people who accept the goals set for them and use their means to achieve them. For example, most conformists are those who come from middle class surburbia who are expected to obtain a career where they can support themselves and their family comfortably. These conformists would go to college to gain higher education and pursue to obtain the careers that are expected of them. Ritualists are individuals that have the means to achieve the goals for them and will normally go about the means to achieve the goals for them, but in contrast to conformists, ritualists will do the bare minimum to achieve these goals and only meet the bare minimum of goals expected of them ( Lista, 2009). These
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