Bankrupt Or Billion Dollar Retirement Fund?

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Bankrupt or billion dollar retirement fund?
Topic: A controversial issue in my career.
General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: To provide data that will persuade the audience to agree.
Central Idea: To persuade you to believe that the USPS isn 't going out of business.
I Attention:
Attention getter: Everyone wants to save money and everyone hates to see postage going up. You have probably been told that the reason is because the USPS is going bankrupt, but do you really know why?
Purpose statement: By the end of today I hope you will consider doing one of the hardest things in your life; pick up a pen and paper and write a letter to each of your congressmen urging them to revise the postal accountability and enhancement act of
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It shall provide prompt, reliable, and efficient services to patrons in all areas and shall render postal services to all communities.” (3)
In 1970 The Post office gained semi-independence as it stopped being tax-payer funded and became completely self- funded with postage rates determined by seperate regulatory agency. It was at this time that the Post office started paying tax just like every other business. This happened August 12, 1970 when President Nixon signed the Postal Reorganization Act. This is when the Post ofice became known as the United States Postal Service or USPS for short. (3)
We are all familiar with the economic crisis that President Obama inherited. We also know that it started long before he took office in 2008. One of the first cities to feel the pinch was Detroit. From the very beginning there was talk and concern that Detroit would have to file bankruptcy and default on their retirement pensions. A person could then make a leap of logic that the fear of government entities going into bankruptcy would cause instability and chaos. One way congress could provide stability would be to make sure that the USPS would not be in the same situation as Detroit.
To ensure that the USPS would never default on their retirement pension promises the 108th Congress passed Public Law 108-18 of April 23, 2003 called “Postal Civil Service Retirement Systems Funding Reform Act of 2003” In

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