Banning College Students From Consuming Alcohol Before The Age Of Age

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The law that prohibits college students from consuming alcohol before the age of twenty-one has a negative effect on the college campus because underage uncontrolled drinking occurs more often. If citizens of the United States are old enough to make life changing decisions for themselves and the country as a whole, why can 't they buy an alcoholic drink? The current legal drinking age is twenty-one, but it should be lowered to eighteen and controlled in a safe environment. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that “about four out of five college students drink alcohol.” College students drink illegally because of the Fraternity and Sorority parties. College Freshman are more likely to abuse the alcohol consumption because they know it is illegal and think they can get away with drinking at those type of parties. There have been a studies conducted by Duke University about college drinking that explains, “Despite the drinking age of 21, about 74% of drinking violations at Duke in 1999 were committed by freshman.” If the drinking age was lowered to eighteen, that percentage could be cut in half. Freshman would get to college with experience of drinking and knowledge from their parents. The teen would be given a safe drinking talk just as a parent would give a safe sex talk. However, since the drinking age is currently twenty-one, parents feel that they do not need to give their teen a drinking talk and that is how uncontrolled drinking starts.

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