Banning of Sugary Drinks

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Should the government be able to tell us the amount of sugary drinks we consume? In the recent years obesity has become a national problem. Because of obesity, the current generation of American children might be having a shorter life than their parents. Children learn about acceptable behavior by observing and copying their parents, in this case the healthy way they eat and drink. Existing factors said that the ones responsible for a big change were sugary drinks causing us a drastic change in health. Sodas for example are cheap, especially if you buy them on sale. That’s one reason the obesity rate is higher and more accessible to consume in low income families. To emphasize sugary drinks mostly contain caffeine and chemicals in which harm our body. This cause make the government concerned encouraging them to limit the amount consumed, but -Do sugary drinks really cause the problem? -Does the Government have to take extreme actions to ban sugary drinks? Or -Do we have the right to drink wherever we want and how much we can to drink? According to “New York Soft Drink Size Limit”, recently in New York City the limit on the 16 ounce sugary drinks law passed. As of March 12, 2013, eight members of the New York City council approved this law to prohibit more than 16 ounces per beverage. This encounter to ban soppy drinks is supported by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The law prohibits, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, sports stadiums, and gas stations to sell sugary drinks

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