Barack Obama And Donald Trump The Reform Of Immigration

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With the United States’ election not even an echo yet, one may easily recall the many platform stances our primary candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, each adopted during their campaign. Presumably one of the most notable reforms presented, by now President Trump, is the reform of immigration. The most controversial element of his platform, for both major parties, was his claim that he, if elected, would build a rather large and ostentatious wall along the US-Mexico border. This garnered reactions that range from complete and excited acceptance to the national protest by immigrants that took place on February 16, 2017 known as, “A Day Without Immigrants,” which Maria Godoy of writes, “It 's a boycott calling for …show more content…

This possibility calls into question whether there is a bias, or not, on this particular issue. Let us begin examining his argument on the functionality and practicality of President Trump’s proposed wall. Within the first three minutes, Conover makes statements in regard to the impracticalities both with the physical construction and financial responsibilities involved such as: "It would have to stretch over 2,000 miles of terrain."( Borders and Miles), and later continuing with, "All of that destruction would be monstrously expensive. It would cost a whopping $12 to $25 billion just to build" (qtd. in Drew). In regard to the sentiment that most immigrants would be deterred by said structure, Conover argues it wouldn’t be a workable one by stating, "Because it 's estimated that between 27 and 40 percent of all undocumented immigrants came here on planes."(qtd. in Greenberg), and goes on to discuss how the wall would actually deter said immigrants from returning to their country of origin. At face value, this argument seems sound considering the solid numbers being spouted forth along with the fact that Conover cites each source for further review by his audience. Upon delving further into his listed sources, and comparing them to my own research, I have concluded no bias is to be found. Evidence from, which is known to have an inherent conservative bias,

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