Barack Obama 's Presidency For A Second Term

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On January 21, 2013, President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term. As tradition with previous Presidents, a speech is given as a way for the President to connect with the citizens of the country. The significance about a second inaugural address is that the President has already run the country for 4 years and instead of connecting for the first time, Obama is reconnecting with America and articulating how he sees the progress of America and how he wants to continue to improve the country. Critical aspects of his speech address what makes us American, how to protect American values such as freedom and liberty, and how citizens of the United States have to take a responsibility to change and revamp different institutions within the country; such as in government and schools. Obama employs anaphora, repetition, pronouns, and allusions to confront many social inequalities that still linger within the United States and demonstrates how he believes change can be elicited by American unity. Obama’s use of anaphora or the repetition of the beginning of sentences throughout a passage illustrates the connections people can have despite having diverse backgrounds. Throughout the passage, Obama repeats the phrase, "We, the people, still believe" (Obama, 2013). The importance of implementing an anaphora helps aurally repeat a direct address to his audience. Instead of saying "We, the people, still believe" just once, Obama carefully crafts his argument by repeating the

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