Barbara Kickett: Whadjuk Ballardong Yok

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Barbara Kickett also known as Whadjuk Ballardong Yok which means Perth and wheat belt woman. She was born in 1950 in Kellerberrin. Babara Kickett is one of the children who experienced the forced removal. In 1959, she was at the age of 9, in primary school. The headmaster called her sisters, brothers and herself out of the class. She went outside and she saw a kombi van, welfare people and police officers. She and her brothers and sisters got taken to the courthouse in Kellerberrin. When she arrived there, she saw her parents crying . They were taken to court because they didn’t want their children taken away but unfortunately, all six them were forcibly removed from their parents. She saw the pain of her mother in her eyes and her father begging

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