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“Barn Burning” William Faulkner In most stories one reads there is going to be a protagonist and an antagonist. The protagonist is the character in the story that is usually considered the good guy. The antagonist is usually considered the bad guy and clashes with the protagonist. In the story “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner he has a clear protagonist and antagonist. The protagonist of the story is Sarti. The antagonist of the story is Sarti’s father Abner. Faulkner makes this a very interesting story to read because of the relationship between Sarti and his father. Sarti shows us in the story how scared he is of his father through what he says and his actions. The idea of Sarti ever standing up to him just doesn’t seem possible…show more content…
Or he could go against his father and go and tell DeSpain what his father was planning on doing and stop his dad from burning down the barn. This is so hard for Sarti to decide because of how afraid he is of his father and he also doesn’t want to let his father down. This becomes the crucial life changing decision in Sarti’s life that he is going to have to make. Sarti realizes that the best decision he can make is to go tell Major DeSpain what his father is planning on doing and stop him from doing it. He decides to do this for multiple reasons. The first reason is he wants to protect his father from getting in any more trouble. Even though he doesn’t really like his father and is very scared of him he is still his father and he loves him very much. Another reason that he wants to tell Major DeSpain is because he has become close with him and feels some responsibility to tell him. He likes Major DeSpain and feels like he is a good guy and wants to protect him from his father burning down his barn. The critical approach that Faulkner used in this story was Psychological Criticism because of the way that the father treats his son. The treatment that Sarti receives from his father instills so much pressure in Sarti that he does not know how to handle at such a young age. Abner is the reason for this pressure because of his irresponsible mistakes. The way this
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