Barnevernet Persuasive Essay

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It’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning and you hear knocking and banging on the front door. You jump out of bed and try to make it before the baby wakes up. You look quite the opposite of presentable with black bags under your eyes due to the lack of sleep and your two daughters were just taken the other day at school. As you’re running to the door you hope that your kids are finally coming home, but instead when you open the door the Barnevernet, or child services, along with the cops enter your home and take the rest of your children including your youngest, who is 3 months old. How exactly would you feel, broken hearted, devastated, scared, worried, and not knowing what to do? According to, “An Unfinished Debate on Barnevernet,” about 60,000 kids are born a year, in Norway, and 10,000 of those kids are being taken. This is one sixth of the population of kids! Barnevernet has no right to take the most precious of all gifts from a mother. The Barnevernet cases in Norway are very serious, but …show more content…

When parents get their children taken away, they don't just continue their life as if nothing went wrong! They can’t go on because their kids are the light of their lives and the reason why they are still living. If the light of your life was gone you would be affected in many ways. This is exactly what happened to all of these families. We, as American citizens, need to step it up and start helping out our country and fellow countries. We must stop Barnevernet! They have no right to barge into the lives of others and break apart their families. Today we must take action, and spend ten seconds of our lives logging onto our Facebook accounts, typing in Stop Barnevernet and sharing their page so that others can educate themselves and help families like the Bodnariu’s get their kids

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