Barrio Boy : The Main Characters Of The Klondike Gold Rush

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Moving from Mexico to California, escaping from a war-torn country, or venturing out to strike it rich. What do all these have in common? People driving to do better. Ernesto, Ahmedi, and Stanley and Marshall are the main characters in 3 books. Ernesto, from Barrio Boy, is a young Mexican immigrant that moved to California for a new life. Ahmedi, from The Other Side of the Sky, is a girl with her mom trying to escape from their war-torn country. Finally, Stanley and Marshall, from Call of the Klondike, are two men sharing their perspective and stories about the Klondike Gold Rush. What drives a person to achieve a goal is knowing what good things will lie ahead.
Ernesto Galarza is the main character in Barrio Boy. He is a young boy that moved to California as a Mexican immigrant with his family. Ernesto has to adapt to his new life and learn how to speak English. Ernesto’s teacher, Mrs. Ryan, is teaching him how to speak the English language. “They assured us that there was always a person at the school who could speak Spanish.” (Galarza 2) On the first day, Ernesto and his Mom come to the school and walk into principal's office to become registered for school. Ernesto is very frightened about the new principle and wonders whether he should trust her. “I had to decide whether she was a possible friend or a menace.” (Galarza 7) Ernesto finished registering and he was then sent to Mrs. Ryan’s classroom. He was surprised to see that the other kids were also immigrants from

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