Baseball Pastime Essay

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Baseball is considered “America’s Pastime,” but why is that? Throughout the history of the United States baseball has been there right alongside of the country, through thick and thin baseball has been there for the people of the U.S. Because of some of the greatest player personalities, a long and deeply-rooted history with the U.S, and its founding ideals being similar to that of America itself, baseball has made itself the pastime of American culture. The history of baseball is a long and rich one, and no one is truly sure where it originated. Baseball may have actually been created in America yet it got its roots from European sports such as Cricket. Although cricket is one of the earlier versions of baseball when compared these two are completely different sports with different rules, advantages and disadvantages. Games resembling baseball had been played in the Americas as early as the 1700’s. At one point it was widely believed that a man named Abner Doubleday invented the game in 1839, and then went onto become a civil war hero, this went as far as the MLB putting the Hall of fame in Doubleday’s hometown of Cooperstown New York, but later it was found out that this was completely false, and was only based on the claims of one man.
The modern set of rules which was created by Alexander Joy Cartwright is known as the Knickerbocker rules (named after the team Cartwright played for, the New York Knickerbockers.) The first officially recognized game was played in 1846

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