Basic Facts And The Creation Of The U.n

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Basic Facts and the Creation of the U.N. What is the mission of the U.N.? To maintain world peace, develop good relations between countries, promote cooperation in solving the world’s problems, and encourage a respect for human rights. To accomplish its mission, what do member countries agree to do? These countries agree to peacefully settle disputes, refrain from threatening or using force against each other, and refuse to help other nations that oppose the U.N.’s mission. What was one of the earlier attempts to create an institution to promote international cooperation? The League of Nations. Describe the two flaws in this institution suffered from and explain how these ultimately led to its failure. Several of the world’s most powerful and influential countries were not members, including the United States. The League required unanimous agreement to oppose aggression. If any member disagreed, the League was powerless to act. Discuss some of the main events of World War II. How do these experiences rekindle the idea of establishing a world organization dedicated to world peace and international cooperation. Because of the bad conditions in World War II, people wanted to avoid a future world war. Therefore, leaders of Britain, China, the US and the USSR discussed the details of a post-war organization. In 1944 a blueprint was prepared for an international organization during a meeting at Dumbarton Oaks. Towards the end of the war representatives of 50 countries

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