Basic Law in the Chinese Government

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Introduction “One country, two systems” is an important formula that symbolized the stage of socialist modernization of Chinese Government. The Basic Law is one of the products produced under such kind of ideology. According Article 11 in the Law; “the systems and policies practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region including the social and economic systems, the system for safe-guarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of its residents, the executive, legislative and judicial systems and relevant policies, shall be based on the provisions of the law. No law enacted by the legislature of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall contravene this law.” In other words, the Basic law is more superior in comparison with other laws in Hong Kong.
In the essay, the arrangement of the law and the rationale behind will be focused. Conclusion and limitation of the law are added at the end of this essay.

Key structure of Basic Law Basic Law is a principal source of laws in Hong Kong. It is also an agreement between both China and UK. Starting from the Preamble, which explain why Basic Law is enacted.
“Hong Kong has been part of China’s territory since ancient times, but it was occupied by Britain after Opium War in 19 Dec 1984, the Chinese and British government signed the Joint Declaration on the question of Hong Kong, affirming the Government of People’s Republic of China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong on 1 July, 1997….” In order to
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