Basketball Is Important To The Game Of Basketball

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Be different have your own kind of swag. Having your own swag is very, very important to the game of basketball. Don't copy all other peoples moves , make yourself stand out and be different than the others. Like for example, like Lonzo Ball he is very different in the game of basketball , his form in shooting is different and he doesn't go out of his way to be the same and have a simple form that everybody else has so be yourself. Like me, I do everything based on my own thoughts and what I think I should do. 2. Always shoot your shot. No matter what when you want to shoot you shoot. If you miss keep going until you make one. Be confident in yourself. Don't be afraid of what people would think if you miss the shot or not. Be confident that you will make the shot have that mindset. Of course you should pass a lot and do all of that, but when you get the ball and you're confident in it shoot don't wait just shoot. Never over think about it is just shooting. When I overthink I miss most of the time. But when I'm confident and I shoot and make it , I keep shooting so I wouldn't get mad at myself and say that I didn't have enough chances to prove to myself that I'm good. You should do the same. 3. Shoes are one of the most important aspects. This is very important so you wouldn't get crossed or fall when someone does a move or crossover on you and plus if you got good shoes you wouldn't get roasted. In basketball most players roast to get in your head and mess up your game.

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