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Basketball Story It was the biggest basketball game in East Davidson High School history, and it was coming down to the wire. The starting point guard Corey Shriller, a junior had already scored 33 points and was looking forward to his first state title, but Saint Thomas High School was standing in his way and leading by 2 with 24 seconds left on the clock. Saint Thomas had the ball and Corey was forced to foul. Corey darted towards a Saint Thomas Guard named Noah Simmons and took him out. The game was already intense but with their tempers flaring the two guards got into it and the ref was forced to throw them out of the game. Both benches cleared and the crowd went wild. Both benches had been cleared so the refs signaled for the time to run off, they would not finish the game and East Davidson had lost. As Corey walked through the narrow hall towards the locker room he said ¨Next year will be even better.¨ School had been over now for a few weeks and Corey was visiting his dad in Mexico. When Corey was 10 his parents split up and his dad moved to Mexico, so every year he would spend the summer with is dad on the beaches of Mexico. Corey hadn´t played much basketball since that loss to Saint Thomas back in April but he wasn't worried about that now, he was on vacation. East Davidson had a summer basketball league and Corey could never participate, but he knew that he would still be the best player when they went back to school. Almost three months had

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