Battle Between Snail Darter Fish and the Telico Dam Essay

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The snail darter case can be a little ridiculous. Its between the 3-inch snail darter fish and then whether to build the Tellico dam. The main eye attention to this argument is whether we should let the snail darter fish live or not. If we build the Tellico dam to snail darters will die. On the other hand its a big deal because the snail darters are on the endangered species list. In my opinion I'm on the snail darter fish side because I think the fish should live. The cost to build the dam is eighty million dollars. To me that a lot of cash, how about you? I can understand how this case got serious and that some people favor the side of the dam and some other favor the side of the snail darter like I do. Yes the snail darter fish is …show more content…

Tellico Dam serves to divert water through a short canal into Fort Loudon. This dam being built is very good for trout and bass fishing. In the 1950’s thousands of dams were being built then in 1970’s they decided to build a dam. In the Little Tennessee River. Its length was 3,238 feet its height was 129 feet. Total capacity is 467,600 acre feet, the surface area is 14,200 acres.

Another thing is the Endangered Species Act it is a very important part of this argument it is the main problem of why the Tellico dam had to stop the process of building it for a while. Basically, the Endangered Species Act is one of the dozens of United States environmental laws passed in the 1970’s. It also has a listing status which is ETC and it stands for Endangered Threatened Candidate. The Endangered Species Act is an act to provide safety of the endangered and threatened species of fish, wildlife, and plants, and for other purposes. My opinion too is that I think it is an amazing to have this if we didn't have this some of our animals would be dead. Its great to know we still have people out there who worship and care for all species of animals.

One of the reasons to keep the Snail Darters is because I care for all living things I really don't think this fish should die. Plus it has no reason to die, what did it ever do to us?
Just because it is maybe three inches doesn't mean let it die! I say let it live. All of this mess with court

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