Battle Of Troy Research Paper

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The battle of troy started when Paris (Trojan prince) kidnapped Helen (queen of Sparta). The battle was basically about getting back Helen so they could kill her for betrayal. They would not give her back and so the battle would rage for 10 years with a lot of death. The battle with Hector and Achilles was kind of funny because when Achilles called out Hector and they fought they fought for their respective countries with the winner claiming victory for their side. This was done to save the lives of many. Achilles was invincible and killed hector easily. He then dragged his dead body around the entire building and they were upset about that. Then the father of hector came to the house of Achilles and begged him to give his son back for a…show more content…
The king of Sparta didn’t like it when Achilles promised him he would not attack for 10 days. They used a thousand ships to attack them. There fort was indestructible. They finally found a way into the fortress by faking retreat and leaving them a wooden horse. They thought was a gift from the gods. They celebrated like all night. When they all went to bed the Trojans got out of the horse and killed almost everyone in troy and Paris killed Achilles by shooting him in the one place he was vulnerable his heel.
They got some people out using a secret exit that the Spartans didn’t know about. The battle of melaueas vs Paris was a glorious battle but Paris would not have survived with the intervention of Aphrodite. There was also the battle of Ajax vs hector when hector threw a rock at Ajax which was blocked then Ajax threw a bigger rock at hector. They drew there sword for modern combat but then they had to stop because it was getting dark. They ended the battle on friendly terms and they
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The Persian military had greater numbers but they wouldn’t back down from a fight. The Greeks agreed that Sparta would lead them. They chose to defend a narrow pass between the mountains of Greece and the sea. (Thermopylae). The Greeks only had 300 soldiers lead by Leonidas (king of Sparta) and about 6000 soldiers from the Greek cities. They fought an army of 100,000 Persian men. When the Persians got to Greek, they sent a scout to check it out. In front of the wall there was 300 Spartans combing their hair and exercising. The king was warned not to misread the information. The Spartans were going to fight to the death with honor and bravery. They finally attacked after a nerve racking wait. The Greeks were trying to fend of the Persian army from behind the wall. They took it in turns to guard the front line. The Persians loss their advantage of greater numbers and the Greeks longer spears caused more causalities. The Spartans used a clever strategy to confuse them. They pretended to retreat so they would chase him but then they would turn on the Persians and in confusion kill a lot of them. In two days the bigger Persians were not able to defeat the army of smaller Greeks. The Persians lost a lot of men but their luck was going to change. A Greek traitor came to the Persian king with information of huge importance. Above the pass of Thermopylae there was another but only known to the
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