Battle between Civilization and Savagery in Lord of the Flies

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Battle between Civilization and Savagery in Lord of the Flies

Civilization today has become almost completely reliant on technology. Almost the entire planet is connected by phone lines, roads, air travel, or the internet. People converse with others thousands of miles away through modern connections, watch live broadcasts of news in foreign lands, or talk on wireless phones by use of satellites. We are governed by laws designed to protect us. We live in heated homes with fresh water and electricity. We commute to work by car or mass transit. We live by rules, values, and ideals that keep the peace. Our world is organized, convenient, and technologically advanced. What would happen if suddenly our civilization
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Second, the conch is also a symbol of value. When Ralph first finds the conch, Piggy tells him that it is valuable. This emphasis on value is not natural in uncivilized creatures. The idea of value is created by society. The conch represents the value placed on things that are rare hard to obtain in our society, much like a fancy car or an old work of art. With an emphasis on value comes feelings of jealousy and envy. This is only natural and can be seen when Jack decides that the conch should only be used by those he sees as worthy. For good or bad, the conch becomes the only tie to the concept of matieral value that they boys have left.

Finally, the conch is also a symbol of power. This is because whoever holds it becomes the only person who may speak during the meetings. In this context, holding the conch represents having authority. Whoever holds the conch then has the authority to speak and all others must wait until it is their turn to hold the conch. This is much like standing at the podium or holding the microphone in a civilized society. Here the conch also represents the organization found in a democratic government and the idea of raising one's hand in school. Both a democratic government and a school are organizations that rely on the concept of everyone having a voice and a chance to express themselves. The conch is the only link left to
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