Bavarian Illuminati: An Enlightment-Era Society

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The Illuminati, otherwise called Bavarian Illuminati is an enlightenment-era society first established in May 1st of 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. The fundamental cause of the foundation of this cult is to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious impact over the public, misuse of state power and to establish new world order. The Illuminati is a combined cult society with the Freemasonry. The illuminati, including other secret societies were outlawed by the Bavarian leader Charles Theodore and the Roman Catholic Church throughout 1784 - 1790. Several years later, the secret society was prohibited by traditional and religious critics who claimed that the society was still running secretly underground and were supposedly the cause of the French …show more content…

Making them believe that the government are doing incorrect things towards its citizens and how the Illuminati can build a better political system with the help of its members. These propaganda is mostly carried out with the assist of News. Many individuals watch news all around the world as it shows what is happening throughout the nation, making it a bigger factor towards spreading its propaganda. Another way this can be carried out is by advertisements, as ads is the biggest method of convincing someone to do something. Many companies around the world use this method to make people buy their products. Also music, movies and other types of media also play a big role in helping to spread these propaganda around the world, as these methods play a big aspect towards many individuals.

Another control method used by the Illuminati is consequences. Many members believe that if they do not follow any given order, it a punishment will be handed out that can affect their lives, such as family, friends or themselves (for example a fatal punishment). Another method control utilized is the economy. As money plays a big role towards the function the world, it is very important to many people. Illuminati uses so much of its members money that its people become dependent on the …show more content…

a major aspect that affects the social system is celebrities. Many famous artists classify themselves as being a member of the secret society, which is why so many songs contain hidden messages, for example, in Eminem’s song Lose YourSelf he talks about new world order, which is one of the Illuminati’s main goal. Other songs include the artist holding up a triangle which signifies the illuminati. Many artists conform because they believe if they do confirm, they will get socially accepted, which then influences many other individuals who follow these

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