Bax Argar's Comparison With The Sword

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Since Baxan was little, he was trained in the arts of duel wielding swords by his father, Argar Kingsley. His father was a well known swordsmen, legends about his feats battling monsters and warriors. Argar then magically disappeared with his son Baxan, the reason for this is so that he could train his son all that he knows. Argar noticed that Baxan is a natural with the sword, and took interest in him as a warrior. Argar took his son up threw the mountains into a hidden valley only few know of. Argar made sure to make note of all his teachings to his son and make sure he is taught of very well common sense, need to know knowledge, and future teachings. When Baxan was 14 years old he was half way done with his training, his reaction timing …show more content…

On his 15th birthday Argar let his son go explore the valley a little. Baxan left that morning and planned to be back atnight. When he arrives back at their camp, it's ablaze. Baxan went looking for his father, and found him trapped under burning support structures of their house. His father was covered in deep cuts and a jab wound in his chest. Baxan tried to free his father but couldn't. His father motions him to stop and says "Son, I am very proud of you. I am sorry I couldn't finish teaching you all that I know, but its still enough to defeat most people. Go get my journal, it has all my future plans for your teachings.Go back to society and tell no one of your training. Remember this, don't trust the blue battleborn with scars only on his eyes." Baxan says his goodbyes to his father, then proceeds for his fathers journal. He gets into the tent outside and finds everything missing but some gold coins. He grabs the gold coins then follows the trail to the Village. He arrived at the village with only his armor and both training shortswords that could still deal some damage. He goes to the town center and quickly looked for the job

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