Bay Circuit Alliance

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In 1929, the vision for the Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway was proposed by The Trustees of Reservations. Its purpose was to create an “outer Emerald Necklace” to mirror the string of designed parks created by Fredrick Law Olmsted; “over the next several decades, various public and private parks and reservations were established in the area between what is now Route 128 and Interstate 495, but they failed to keep pace with commercial and residential development” (BCT website). Although this idea was initially implemented, it wasn’t until the 1980s where this trail & greenway project re-established, and in 1990 the Bay Circuit Alliance was formed to help make this dream a reality. An alliance of hundreds of volunteers spanning from 37 of the contributing towns in Eastern Massachusetts, wanted to create a trail the links several parks and open spaces ranging from Plum Island to Duxbury/Kinston Bay. By doing so they wanted to provide “a place for recreation …show more content…

As of today, the BCT generally is in good condition, despite some localized areas that are not quite up to standard. The Bay Circuit Alliance, The Appalachian Mountain Club and The Trustees of Reservations are working on trying to fix the BCT by closing off existing gaps along the trail, recruiting/organizing volunteers, improving the trail experience through improved maintenance and signage, securing permanent protection for the trail corridor and the greenway. The Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway is well enjoyed by users of different stripes, including but not limited to, hikers, joggers, dog walkers, children in strollers, mountain bikers, roller bladers, snowshoers, cross country skiers, school and civic groups, bird watchers, and nature

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