Beaker Bell Pottery

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Several Beaker Bell pottery types have been identified in Britain and Ireland; those of different sizes, ware type (ibid). Many of the pottery that has survived in Ireland are those which have been used for burial, although also used for drinking, storage and cooking (Gibson 2002, In: Waddell 2010, 121). Residue analysis showed the pottery was used for holding alcohol and drugs, but as the pots themselves would not hold liquids for long it was like a prehistoric drinking challenge (Guerra-Doce 2006, 248). Pottery sherds have been uncovered from a number of settlements in Ireland; Dublin, Limerick, Meath and Tyrone to name a few locations. It was only when wedge tombs were excavated in the 1930s that there was actual proof of Beaker Bell existence in Ireland and from that it was assumed the people were an important component of the Irish population at that time (Waddell 2010, 129) and they were also recognised as the people that introduced the understanding of metal working to Ireland. The “Beaker Folk” are all connected by their similar techniques and artefacts but their geographical location seems to be an influence in their day to day practices, for example the stark difference in Irish and British Beaker Bell funerary rituals (Waddell 2010, 130). It seems the one…

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